Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Katina Alford video!

In addition to the interview, here is a video of the beauty herself!

Meet Katina Alford!

Katina Alford, a model who resides in Los Angeles, Cali has been in the modeling world for a while now, and she is taking it to the top! 

Her email is and she is on Facebook also.

1.You’ve been in the game for a while. When did you first start doing this? I started doing this around the age of ten. It was fun taking milk baths and going to auditions 

2. What do you like about modeling the most? What I like about modeling is the different looks that you can give, the different places you go and the interesting people you meet. Modeling is a true art 

3. What are you doing now in modeling? Im currently working on a new calendar and a t-shirt clothing line 

4. Tell us about the whole concept of “Models Rock.” ModelsRock is the name of my business so I AM MISS MODELSROCK! Its my art 

5.What makes you different when it comes to modeling? What makes me different when it comes to modeling hmm Id have to say My Style, My Presentation and My Look 

6. Who out there besides yourself would you give major recognition or props to? Who else would I give major props too well of course all the other models that are making their dreams come true 

7.Tell us about some of the best photographers you have worked with. I have worked with alot of photographers that have helped me develop my career into what it is now THANK YOU TO EVERYONE 

8. Are you pursuing anything else in entertainment, like music, acting, etc. Yes im pursuing acting music and a few other things 

9. Any shout outs or hollers you want to give? Of course id like to thank Jesus Christ for allowing me to be so talented and to share these talents with the world I am truly blessed.